Swimming pool repairs to South Africans for residential as well as commercial swimming pools. Our repair services include replacing linings, replacing cracked or missing tiles, repairing cracks, grouting, and resurfacing. The materials used, such as adhesives, epoxies and mortars are specially selected by our professional staff in order to provide best quality of repair services to our clients. We can help you with major repairs, smaller adjustments can be done with the help of one of our repair kits. Some common problems faced by aging swimming pools are as follows:


  • Maintenance of the chemistry in the water
  • Holes and tears occurring in vinyl liners
  • Clogging of filters
  • Malfunctioning pumps



Maintaining the chemistry of your pool water is not something that one can do by themselves. Our Maintenance experts will do the needful for you and reduce the frustration in trying to do it by yourself. By applying proper chemical treatment to the water, We guarantee the well being of those using the swimming pool. Using the proper quantities of chemicals is a confusing process and is best left in the hands of professionals from TG Construction Group as we have more knowledge regarding such scientific equations.


We are well trained to secure your pool equipment. This includes a lot of moving parts and minor mechanical issues which, if mishandled, may cause a dramatic effect on the functioning and filtration process of your swimming pool. Therefore, we advise you to come to us for your swimming pool maintenance to keep your pool running smoothly. Furthermore, our team of experts will keep in mind any preventive maintenance techniques that would have to be applied in case your pool is beginning to age.



Investing in a swimming pool is a big idea; not just in terms of the investment cost, but in terms of its literal size as well because it takes up a major portion of your backyard; the bigger your pool, the higher the investment, and more the maintenance.


Therefore, before you begin with the design of your swimming pool it is crucial that you make up your mind about what you require and what is not a necessity in your swimming pool. Making alterations once the plan is in place is difficult and expensive. Hence, careful thinking is required in order to avoid regrets. Include ideas and opinions from your family members who will also be using the pool and get swimming pool ideas from them. In addition to their personal opinions, they may come up with a design idea that you never thought of before.