TG Construction Group is a full service, experienced General Contractor capable of meeting all your civil construction needs. We have successfully completed numerous small & large projects including commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and agricultural.


TG Construction Group has extensive experience with state and local government projects; industrial and commercial buildings, including motels, convention centers, and apartment complexes; residential buildings, subdivisions and water and sewer treatment plants. We are committed to producing an end product for our clients adherent to the industry's highest standards.


Listing, understanding, planning and executing at a high level is the Civil Construction approach to every project, and civil works are no exception. Experience is the cornerstone when delivering successful projects on any scale, and our team has plenty. Design, construction and maintenance of the physical and natural environment are a specialist area, and we have a pedigree of excellence. We work actively with foundations, earth retaining solutions, flood protection, rock walls and cantilevered concrete walls.


We’ll take care of every aspect of your civil works project and communicate at all times to ensure every party is comfortable every step of the way.

Services provided


  •     Budgeting preparation & cost management
  •     Tendering & contract procurement
  •     Contract documentation
  •     Value engineering
  •     Engineer to the contract
  •     Project reporting






A safe, smart and well-maintained roading network is the backbone to South Africa, and Civil Construction is proud to have contributed to it. We’ve undertaken civil road realignments, safety barrier construction, road rehabilitations and the creation of entirely new roading and pavement systems for subdivisions. Our plant and equipment are unsurpassed, allowing us to deliver on-time, quality workmanship. Traffic management and safety are the foundations of a successful roading project, granting peace of mind to our clients.




Essential to every aspect of modern living, Civil Construction have a thorough understanding of every element of drainage, from sewerage, septic tanks, potable water, effluent disposal and stormwater. Previous projects have included sewer realignments and valve and water meter installations. Prior to starting any project, we’ll lay out the full plan encompassing every element of the project and provide a realistic price for your drainage requirements, anticipating all contracting and site conditions to avoid any unexpected financial surprises.





The geography of South Africa has provided ample opportunity to become expert in rock excavation, engineered fill and site excavation. Through both residential and commercial projects, the team have offered comprehensive earthworks and landscaping solutions to high-profile clients, with outstanding outcomes. The pace of development in the Gauteng Province in particular has created opportunities to excel in subdivision and roading projects. We’re committed to minimising any disruption to businesses and surrounding areas.





Residential, industrial and commercial general contracting work is second nature to us. We’ll take care of every element of your contracting project and are confident in being able to provide solutions to even the most obscure of projects. As you’d expect, we can run house excavations, swimming pool constructions, demolition works and vegetation clearance projects with minimal fuss, but are also adept at finding solutions to more ‘outside the box’ opportunities. Repeat business and referrals within this sphere have positioned Civil Construction as general contracting leaders throughout South Africa



Utilities/ Sitework


  •     Sewer rehabilitation & replacement
  •     Water & wastewater treatment
  •     Subsurface drainage
  •     Water, Sewer, Gas Lines
  •     Site excavation & development
  •     Water
  •     Sewer Storm Water
  •     Irrigation Water
  •     Private and public underground utilities
  •     TG Construction is extremely knowledgeable of government requirements for underground utilities
  •     Quality and safety are maintained on all levels of projects

Projects and Services for Public or Private Clients


  •     Site Clearing and Leveling
  •     Retention Ponds
  •     Utilities
  •     Road Construction
  •     Pipeline Construction
  •     Subdivision Development
  •     Foundations
  •     Ditches and Canals
  •     Septic and Wells
  •     Tank Farm Construction and Lining
  •     Site Reclamation Services
  •     Oilfield Services
  •     Aquaculture Projects
  •     AG Waste Ponds Feedlot Development
  •     Dairy Farms
  •     Landfill Cells
  •     Methane Gas Recovery Systems
  •     Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  •     Trenching
  •     Mining/Grading
  •     Large Scale Landscaping
  •     Erosion Control
  •     Lining and Containment Applications
  •     Demolition and Removal
  •     Hauling

Heavy Construction/Oilfields


  •     Roads, ponds, sewer & water treatment facilities
  •     Reservoirs: water, sewer, & storm
  •     Bridges, concrete & steel water storage tanks
  •     Development of site plans that minimize disturbance and maximize reuse potential
  •     Experience cooperating with State agencies
  •     Site Clearing and Leveling
  •     Design/Build Evaporation and Production Water Facilities
  •     Reserve and Frac Pits
  •     Road Construction
  •     Pipeline Construction
  •     Production Facility Construction
  •     Tank Farm Construction and Lining
  •     Site Reclamation Services
  •     Housing Development