Split systems


A Split air conditioning unit is where the indoor unit is mounted on the inside of the room and the condenser(Outdoor unit) sometimes sits on the ground or installed on bracket on the outside wall. This system is interconnected via copper tubing. Split system’s are perfect for domestic air temperature and quality control solutions. This results in an airconditioning unit inside the building that is quiet when operating and causing minimal noise. These units are mainly used to control a building’s air temperature, airflow as well as the quality of the air in the building.


Some of the main benefits associated with split systems include the fact that they are easy to install (requiring only a small hole for installation), are comparatively cheap to maintain and have a modern and stylish appearance - perfect for use in a home or small office.


DVM systems


Digital Variable Multisystem (DVM) systems are perfect for commercial use in larger buildings and can even be used to heat and/or cool multi storey buildings. These systems are used mainly to provide temperature and air quality control for multiple indoor units (rooms) by linking all of them to a single variable capacity exterior compressor that can be placed outside of the building for easy concealment.


One of the main advantages to these systems are the fact that they allow for individual temperature control in each indoor unit (room), making it perfect for larger upmarket homes or offices.





Minor Services


Our minor services are performed on site and involve our highly skilled and trained servicemen coming out to the customer’s home or office to deliver the service. To properly maintain an airconditioning unit, routine minor services should be performed once a year. These routine maintenance services will help increase the longevity of the product, allowing it to generally operate without fault for years to come.


During a minor service certain parts such as the evaporator filters, condenser coil, condensate drain, evaporator and condenser unit covers are cleaned, while other parts such as the fans, motors, refrigeration circuit and controls will be checked to make sure they are still in proper working order.


Major Services


Major services,require units to be completely stripped and taken apart in order for each part to be thoroughly checked and properly cleaned. To do this, we will sometimes if required remove the unit from the customer’s premises, and take it to our workshop for the duration of the service.


During a major service, evaporator filters, evaporator coils, condenser coils, condensate drains, drip trays, fans and motors, fan blades and evaporator and condenser unit covers will be properly cleaned. We will also carefully check all the electrical connections, fans, motors, condensate drains, refrigerant circuits, the suction and discharge pressure of the unit and the controls for operation on cooling and heating cycles to ensure the parts are still in good working order.



When a customer requests an airconditioning repair from us, a team of our expert repairmen will come out to their premises to diagnose the problem. Once the problem has been diagnosed, our repairmen will discuss the problem with the customer, after which a quote will be issued. Upon acceptance of the quote, our repairmen will go ahead and do the required repair on site.


We always use authentic brand parts when doing repairs and were parts are discontinued we always try assist and advise our clients to the best possible solution.


Our clients will be charged for all parts that have been replaced, and all of our quotes include a mandatory call-out fee.